CORSAIR Voyager 3.0 32GB USB3.0 200/40MBs

Gamintojas: Corsair
Prekės kodas: CMFVY3A-32GB
60 mėn.
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Kaina: 12,89 €
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32 GB
Atminties tipas
USB 3.0
Produkto aprašymas
As fast as USB flash drives are, copying files always seems to take a little longer than you'd like. The advent of the USB 3.0 interface puts an end to that. You can move files back and forth in a fraction of the time it takes with standard USB 2.0 flash drives, and the proprietary water-resistant rubber housing helps keep those files safe.
Skaitymo greitis
Iki 200 MB/s
Rašymo greitis
Iki 40 MB/s